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Mommy Blogs...A Lifeline for Mothers

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Behold the power of the “Mommy Blog”! Mommy Blogs offer mothers across America an opportunity to vent, share, and connect on the stresses and joys of motherhood. This form of uncensored, no holds, real life motherly opinions and experiences reiterate the message that mothers are not alone in the issues and societal expectations they face.

Mommy Blogger” Lizbeth Finn-Arnold, discusses the personal, positive impact of blogging on her life as a woman and as a mother in the "Out of the Woods" passage she contributed to the book, Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined. Blogging offered Finn-Arnold a new outlet and perspective on the role of mothering. With limited prior knowledge to the options and various mothering styles, Finn-Arnold found blogs created by other mothers to offer new perspectives on mothering, helpful recommendations, and comfort in knowing she was not alone in her experiences. Through “Mommy Blogs” and by becoming a "mommy blogger", Finn-Arnold was able to feel a new-found sense of control, release, and calm as she typed advice and comments to mothers with similar frustrations and personal identity issues of motherhood. Preview the book, Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined by clicking HERE Visit Finn-Arnold's blog, Mom and Pop Culture- Exploring Motherhood, Writing, Film making, and Life in General by clicking HERE

The writings of "mommy blogs" offer women a chance to feel part of a positive and collective group interested in the betterment of the lives of their children and in their quality of life as mothers. "Mommy Blogs" are an excellent resource for women who are expecting their first child and those raising their third.

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In the November 2011 Maternal and Child Care Journal, Brandon T. McDaniel, a graduate student from Penn State's human development and family studies program published the findings of his study of 157 new mothers and their media use.  He found that over 60% of the group wrote their own blogs and about three/fourths of the group reported reading online blogs.  On average the entire group spent three hours on their home computers each day with much of this time online.  The mothers reported a greater connection with others outside the home and a feeling of well being.  Brandon said" It looks like blogging might be helping these women as they transition into motherhood because they may begin to feel more connected to their extended family and friends, which leads them to feel more supported."

Read McDaniel's complete study entitled New Mothers and Media Use:  Associations Between Blogging, Networking and Maternal Well Being online by clicking HERE.  

Mommy Blog Round-Up

Photo Source:  Google Images

Mommy blogs- specific to any interest/issue/situation- may be found online.  Following is just a small sampling of current online blogs:

Birth mother who regrets giving up child for adoption.
Young, African American mother of five who works from home
Single mother of four teens (three of which are autistic)

Step mom
Holistic/Earth mother of a toddler
Feminist mothering
Religious mother of multiples
Home school mom of five
Lesbian mothering in Texas

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