Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter from the Blogger


My name is Margaret Patterson and welcome to my blog! 

Have you ever acknowledged the various forms of the mothering experience had by American mothers? How about the role of media and society on the expectations of mothers? Have you ever questioned how motherhood has changed from generation to generation in America?

Photo Credit:  Nathan Gibbs/  http://womensenews.org/story/parenting/
Over the next several posts I will be identifying key perspectives, ideas, and observations regarding motherhood in America. My posts will discuss the roles of history, society, sexuality, race, socio-economic status, and media on the perspectives and experiences of mothers in America.

Currently enrolled in a college course entitled (click here) American Motherhood, I have grown increasingly aware of the various hardships experienced by different types of American mothers. Through this course I have made several discoveries. Such personal findings include a new found sense of awareness to the various issues and expectations which plague a variety of American mothers, each in a unique way. This realization allows me to be more mindful of society created generalizations and stereotypes and help me to be more aware of the expectations I place on mothers. With the course drawing to an end, I find myself interested in doing further research regarding the actual mothering experience of various forms of American mothers.     

Through this blog I hope to expose and discuss several of these issues and their ramifications on both women and families. In addition, I hope to provide readers with links to other blogs and suggestions for further reading and research.

Happy Blogging!  

Margaret Patterson 

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